Games done by us

  • Go Hunt

    There is no more boundaries between the real and the virtual worlds. Treasures are hidden everywhere. Start the game and find them all! Be one step ahead of other players and find great treasure first. Become the best of the best!

  • Ludo Crown shadow system

    ✔ Play Online with players across the world ✔ 2 & 4 Player Modes ✔ Play together with friends with the Local Multiplayer feature ✔ Play with AI or Computer ✔ Play offline mode up to 4 players ✔ Earn free coins by watch video ✔ Get the daily free coin from lucky spin ✔ In-app purchase coin ✔ The classic feel of playing Ludo ✔ Download Free ✔ Social Share

  • Car Racing Android

    Car Racing is a racing adventures game that you must maintain fuel to keep the player still alive. Collecting the coin is the best ways to changes the engine or vehicles. Ghost Racing Adventures is a fun and addicting racing game. where you can play tons of challenging levels.

  • Super Fahad

    Super Fahad - Adventure Run is an amazing jungle arcade game. The King Fahad is adventuring in jungle. He wants to explore the secrets of deep jungle. But the jungle is so dangerous. So he needs help. Please help the King Fahad to get more and more fun in the jungle.

  • Brazilya Game

    Brazilya Card Game Coming soon

  • Sheesh

    Sheesh is a multiplayer board game for up to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to dice throws The game gets interesting when one player’s token lands on a block containing an opponent player’s token. Then the opponent player’s token is captured and sent to Jail. The winner is the first player to get all four of his/her tokens to the finished grid. Play online or offline in teams or sole player mode and collect experience points and challenge your friends in this game of Sheesh.

  • Super Hero Battle Fight War in Android

    Fierce battles are now available and ready to play for free Come Fast Download Game. Defeat All Your Hero Enemies, Up To Final Final Finals Win And Take Bonus Of Super Hero Game Battle Against

  • Upperspace in iPhone & android

    Avoid the obstacles that the alien ship throws at you. Pick up repair kits to fix your ship and keep going. Unlock badges based on your best score.

  • Thriller Racer in Android

    Thriller Racer takes you on a journey in turning into an avenue legend. Rule the streets with infinite supercars, defeat any challenger who attempts to take you away from your throne, personalize and improve your motors so that your enemies can in no way gain an advantage over you.

  • Speed Race in Android

    Speed Race is a racing game. Easy to play Just tilt your device to steer your bike away from other vehicles. it is 3D game.

about us

Shadow of Systems is a Game Development Company founded in 2013, developing our own games and customer’s games as well. We started working with other companies as sub-contractors on various projects. In 2015 we started our first game app (Commander Rules), which was developed and published for the Chinese App-store. In 2016 we developed a game app (Sheesh) for a customer. By the end of 2016 we started our second own game (Go Hunt) which will be available in January 2018. Our latest game is a card game (Brazilya) which we are developing for a customer, and also own 20% of it.

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He made his passenger captain of one

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