Highly effective software solution for securely managing your confidential data and information

Face Recognition Software Allows You To Quickly And Securely Access Your System Or The Data Without Typing Your User Name And Password. All You Need To Do Is Look At Your System Camera And The Tool Will Unlock It.

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The department of defense, United States, sponsored the concept of face detection technology to strengthen the security system by emphasizing automated face recognition system. Earlier the face detection technology was used armed forces to secure highly confidential and private data, records and information. Nowadays, the technology has become common, and it is started using in mobile devices, and security cameras, and entrances of various restricted areas. The motive behind all these advancements is to enhance the privacy and security system in practice to allow only the authorized persons to access the restricted material and other essentials. Since from the last 04 years, ShadowSystem Inc is working on face detection system development and have successfully served over 165 clients all across the world with their custom and on-demand face recognition system including a wide range of software, mobile and web applications.

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In years 2007, ShadowSystem was established as a US-based mobile and web development company located in San Diego, Oakland, and Albuquerque. The face detection app developers here are the experts in creating platform independent apps that can be smoothly operated over a wide range of operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, Palm, Ubuntu, BlackBerry, etc. In our entire service span, we have always dedicated our whole vigor on producing the most effective, technological advanced, quality-enhanced, feature-rich, and user as well as hardware friendly apps/ software systems to make the clients reach the maximum extent of profitability and satisfaction.

Face detection technology is used for fulfilling various security purposes such as Authentication and Payments, Citizen ID and Elections, Fraud Preventions and Identity Proofing, Law Enforcement and Investigation, Border Management and Visitor Screening, Defence and Intelligence.


Areas We Served

We have developed various face detection software solutions
to assist a broad range service sectors

Law Enforcement Help businesses to fulfill targeted users in the best possible way.

Social Media Used in a vast range of social media sites to enhance auto-tag feature.

CasinosIt helps Used for helping addictive gamblers in Casinos.


Bars and RestaurantsUsed for picking out underage drinkers in bars and restaurants.

Credit Card CompaniesAllow the users to shop with their face, need not carry the credit card.

Educational InstitutesVarious schools, colleges are using it for auto-attendance.

HotelsDeluxe hotels greet guests upon arrival after recognizing their face.

Dating Sites Dating sites are using it for finding perfect matches as per their facial features.