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The finance and banking industry is recognized as one of the most critical and competitive businesses for the economy. In this realistic field, every company relies on its IT infrastructure to improve efficiency, productivity, gain user-driven innovation and real-time visibility. Our experienced team of designers, developers, digital marketers have enabled fintech by creating bespoke technology solutions. We are having ready made solutions for mobile payments, financial management, money transfer, stock brokerage, fundraising, loans, asset management etc. We depreciate project execution timelines through integrated planning, solution architecture, and business analysis before moving towards the offsite development, product releases, quality assurance, and software maintenance.

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It is not possible for each client to hire an in-house fintech developer, ShadowSystem is here with a great opportunity for these all the individuals or firm owners to outsource fintech development in California, New Mexico, Arizona. We have a great team of fintech software, application and website developers who are having years of working experience. We are having readymade fintech software and applications, clients can ask us for the demo. We majorly deal in on-demand & custom fintech software and application development outsouring.


Our Solutions

We create high quality, robust, compliant software solutions for companies working in the Financial and Banking sector.
We deliver technology solutions for superior user experience as per the specific industry requirement.


Integrated solutions that help to automate the mainstream processes on a common technology support.

Financial Services

Implementing complex financial tools with real time reporting. Integrated wealth & asset management platform to reduce target pressure on wealth & asset managers.


Providing personalised customer experience , saving time and money by managing your own banking businesses online at your convenience e-banking details.


A complete solution that covers the entire loan life cycle from loan initiation through loan management to loan servicing functions.

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility Delivering mobile apps that streamline operations and reduce operational costs, improve field service & customer service delivery/response time.

Payment Solutions

Solutions that transform a personal mobile to a preferred payment device. Systems with easy integration with third party payments & settlement systems.

Fintech Services

ShadowSystem endures to stretch the limitations of technology solutions for financial service industry and takes pride in being a fast-growing software development workroom for innovative and smart solutions. With a deep understanding of the fintech domain, we have delivered unique customer-centric technology solutions to the banking & finance businesses globally.

Fintech Application Development

As a company, we leverage our product innovation & engineering expertise to assist our clients in producing business oriented scalable solutions. Our deep understanding of the entire finance ecosystem enables us to offer services ranging from rapid prototyping to UI/UX consultation to full-scale development. We have something for everyone in our ever-growing quiver.

Legacy System Migration

With our core technology expertise, we help clients to migrate from older platforms to newer ones with minimum risk. We have efficiently updated legacy applications by protecting the older data, improving operational efficiency, reducing the cost of doing business and improving information assets.

Integrated Platform Development

There are numerous divisions within the finance vertical that ask for integrated technology platforms for the proper functioning of an organization. Some of the custom fintech categories that we have developed include wealth management platforms, asset management tools, crowdfunding platforms, credit score management softwares, forex & trading solutions, and finance portfolio management.

Financial Mobility Solutions

Mobility has become central to the way enterprises conduct their businesses. Our mobility division offers bespoke enterprise apps, mobile banking solutions, stock management, payment solutions, mobile wallets, ensuring digital business benefits for you.

Consultancy Services

As a consultancy partner, we recommend services to financial institutions and fintech start-ups across Australia, Africa & UK to improve business efficiency and reduce the operational cost. Our consultation practice largely covers; Planning & Assessment, Business Process Re-Engineering and Project Management.

Financial Software Maintenance

We offer you business techniques to maintain, support and update your software systems/solutions allowing you to adjust to the fluctuating market demands quickly and efficiently.