Let us work for you, our services will keep you away from application development and management headaches.

Assessment Of Your Business's Current State And Guidance To Streamline Your Process Towards Innovation And Profit.


ShadowSystem understands that in order for a company’s growth strategy to be successful, it needs to be supported by up-scaling IT resources and adopted technologies. Our Application Development & Management (ADM) Service assists your business’s growth plans by bringing innovations and updated techniques to every necessary aspect of your evolving company.


Architecture Strategy and Design
  • Develops a flexible IT infrastructure to support your company’s growth.
  • Supports your company’s use of innovative technologies.
  • Provides suggestions for technology and vendors.
Application Development and System Integration
  • Provides an approach that supports holistic growth and worldwide connectivity.
  • Helps cut your development time.
  • Using social media, creates an environment where the best minds can quickly share and respond to others’ ideas.
Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Locates and solves performance issues before they
  • Designs your software with the right solutions from the beginning to support user load time capacity and response time needs.
  • Software assurance and testing saves your company’s resources, rather than wasting time and money trying to improve upon faulty software.
Application Management and Outsourcing
  • Using business metrics, analyzes and enhances your applications to ensure that they continue to meet your quality and cost expectations.
  • Provides options for improving your applications’ quality and cost.
  • Can help your company reduce costs by 25% to 40% by managing your applications well.
Legacy Modernization
  • Assesses your legacy system and provide suggestions for your system’s modernized architecture.
  • Upgrades your legacy system or retires older legacy systems that have grown too costly.
  • Ensures that your legacy system solutions are comparably priced to your system or provide reduced future costs.
  • Provides gamification assistance to increase employee engagement and collaboration.
  • Helps you with building a productive game strategy.
  • Implements gamification features which can accelerate productivity and problem solving.

Application Mobility

  • Designs a mobile strategy for your company, which includes an easy user interface, governance, and mobile app design and development.
  • Creates a mobile strategy with the best mobile features, including mobile e-learning, enterprise app stores, and other cloud-based features.
  • Suggests the best mobile governance option to meet your company’s needs. Provides Mobile Application Management (MAM).
  • Offers mobile testing to initially detect problems with app software so it can be immediately corrected, thus saving your company the high costs of later testing.
  • Tests and corrects mobile apps to optimize their functions and ensure they provide the highest value with the lowest price.
  • Helps you securely migrate between legacy platforms, such as from BlackBerry to Android, without risking security breaches.
  • Designs user-friendly interfaces developed for easy use from mobile devices.