Take advantage of our enterprise applications services to increase organization efficiency, reduce business risks and cost.

Take Advantage Of Our Professional And Extra Productive Enterprise Applications Services To Increase Organizational Efficiency, Reduce Business Risks And Cost.


At ShadowSystem, we're well aware of the numerous benefits that enterprise applications afford companies, as well as the possible risks and unexpected costs. When managing enterprise applications and upgrading to newer versions, companies not only can gain increased efficiency and value, but are also at higher risk for major upheavals, such as costly solutions and long implementation procedures.

ShadowSystem assuages our clients' concerns by offering our Enterprise Application Services to take care of all application management and upgrades, navigating around risks, high costs, and extended transition times. We'll handle all of your application services and do it securely, quickly, and at a guaranteed low cost.


Enterprise SAP Services
  • Helps you migrate to SAP or upgrade your SAP platform.
  • Helps you migrate to SAP or upgrade your SAP platform.
  • Provides management services to support your SAP lifecycle.
  • Helps you augment business processes and avoid redundant efforts to reach the same markets.
  • Offers immediate analytics to help you optimize your business's performance in current conditions.
  • Provides industry and cross-industry SAP solutions that are pre-certified and pre-configured.
  • Offers innovative SAP testing services.
Enterprise Oracle Services
  • Provides management services to support your Oracle platform's lifecycle.
  • Designs a strategy that highlights the Oracle applications most beneficial for your business goals, and also helps implement the applications into your IT infrastructure.
  • Suggests changes in business processes based on innovations in mobility and cloud computing.
  • Offers innovative Oracle application testing services.
Enterprise Cloud Operations
  • Helps increase your business’s flexibility and adaptability while reducing ownership costs.
  • Offers cloud hosting from various infrastructure models.
  • Provides comprehensive disaster recovery service, as well as backup and restore services.
Enterprise Microsoft Services
  • Advises you on the best software packages, identifies missing components in your system, and installs or upgrades applications.
  • Creates the best individualized Microsoft portal to support your company's office business, intranets, user interfaces, and more.
  • Assesses your system's analytics facility, and offers customized dashboards and reporting tools.
  • Provides inexpensive strategies for IT infrastructure management.