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Cloud Lifecycle Services

With the movement of most IT services to a cloud environment, infrastructure systems don't pose the same obstacles as they used to. Businesses' IT services have become a lot more cost-effective, adaptable, easier to manage, and more conducive to change. ShadowSystem' Infrastructure Services are here to assist your company in choosing the best IT infrastructure to support your business needs, reduce costs, and create a system that will easily adapt to your company's future growth and evolution.


Data Center Modernization Services
  • Assists you in reducing servers, applications, and data centers that serve redundant functions, to free up capital to invest elsewhere.
  • Helps you get the best uses from your current servers and procedures.
  • Shows you how to maximize your storage capacity.
  • Suggests the changes that will save your company money, energy, and resources.
IT Infrastructure Consulting Services
  • Provides consulting services that assess your data centers, ITSM operations, and ability to recover from disasters.
  • Suggests operational changes that help your company harness the best advantages from your IT services' infrastructure.
  • Recommends practices to save energy and facility-related costs.
IT Infrastructure Management Services
  • Provides not only monitoring and managing of your infrastructure services, but also 24/7 access to protect your essential applications.
  • Suggests infrastructure management changes that will save your company 25% on operating expenditures.
  • Guides you to improve, not only the performance, but also productivity of your infrastructure's operations.
Managed Hosting Services
  • Monitors your logs 24/7 to ensure your data's security.
  • Protects your data systems from security breaches, including viruses, spyware, and malicious code.
  • Assesses your system for vulnerabilities and manages any vulnerabilities that arise.
Security Consulting Services
  • Provides suggestions to keep your entire system as secure as possible.
  • Assesses your system and suggests firewalls, assessments of wireless vulnerabilities, intrusion detection, identity management and other services to keep your operations running seamlessly.
  • Detects threats before they become problems.
IT Infrastructure Service Desk
  • Provides your company with the essential support your company requires and deserves, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Assists you with your operations, infrastructure, and security concerns.
  • Knows how to translate our considerable experience into swift solutions for you.
  • Offers our excellent service via email, web portal, or phone.